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Rick Friedman's Location Lighting Kit By Rosco


As an award winning photojournalist, Rick Friedman's photographs have appeared in several publications, including: Times, Newsweek, The New York Times and many others.  Rick'c portable lighting techniques is, by nature, elegant through simplicity.  His keep-it-simple lighting technique inspired the contents of this kit and is at the heart of his popular  " Location Lighting Workshops"™.  You can learn how Rick Friedman uses all of the light modifiers in this Location Lighting Kit by attending one of Location Lighting Kit by attending one of his upcoming workshops.  www.rickfriedman.com

Rick Friedman: Hi-tech Location Lighting Kit

1 Cinefoil 20x24 folded
1 4290 CalColor Blue 10x12
1 3006 Tough Spun 10x12
1 3408 1/2 CTO 10x12
1 4690 CalColor 90 Red 10x12
1 4960 CalColor 60 Lavender 10x12
1 4590 CalColor 90 Yellow 10x12
1 3007 Lt. Tough Spun 10x12
1 3411 3/4 CTO 10x12
1 3315 1/2 Plusgreen 10x12

Shipping fee is applicable to all orders. To order outside the Continental USA please visit rickfriedman.com